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Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card


Is your business card more important than your website? A website is a necessity if you want to succeed. Business cards are no longer printed and – even though they are great for advertising – they have many limitations. Regardless of the size of a business, technology has made a great deal of difference, and a well-built website is the key to success. The number of business cards printed every year is 10 billion, but 8 billion of those cards are thrown away within a week. Clearly, your website is more important than your business card, but let’s examine it more thoroughly.

You can advertise your business much more with a website. It is important to realize that a business website serves as a storefront for your business and is a representation of your business.

Business cards with only a few lines of information are no longer considered enough to announce a business presence. There are too many questions left unanswered on a business card, and you may not be around to answer them.

1.  A constant stream of updates:

If you want to update your business card, even for the smallest change, you need to order a new set of cards. There is no way to add additional information. Updates or errors require a new set of cards as well. The only information you can put on your website is your name, logo, contact information and maybe an address – so no one can really get to know you. As opposed to a website, which can be updated, changed, and expanded at any time. You can easily delete outdated information with a click of a button and add new information immediately, but it also lets your company be creative and imaginative in improving their brand. Keep your ranking up with updated content. Having a website enables you to create good content, post blogs, and promote your business.

The business website is more likely to be updated than a business card, and it keeps updating with the latest technology trends. The trend of business cards seems so dated in the era of technology and web development. There is limited information on business cards. Websites are better for finding plethoras of information about any company, such as name, title, and contact information.

2.  You are Limited only by your Imagination:

There is no limit to what can be done with websites. A global audience can be reached, and advertising can be done in a number of countries. As opposed to a business card, which can be passed around only in person – which can be hard if you are trying to reach out to people in other countries. You can use a website to attract customers to your business without physically having to find them, as well as to build a strong online presence. Also, your traffic will be increased by sharing them across multiple social media channels. It doesn’t matter where or when they are, websites are constantly being browsed, searched, and looked at.

Websites are easier to access than business cards. Information is available 24 hours a day on websites. Through the creation of easy accessibility from anywhere around the globe, a website enables a company to reach out to its customers more quickly.

3.  Feedback from Customers:

Without customer feedback, it would be impossible to know what works and what doesn’t. That feedback is what keeps your business going and can be induced through a website. It isn’t helpful to know if someone likes your phone number or email address from a business card – it isn’t an immediate sign of customer satisfaction. In contrast, a website contains information such as FAQs, shipping instructions, and customer testimonials.

Customer feedback can be obtained from a website. Feedback is used by businesses to improve their products, services, or business based on customer comments. A business card cannot provide direct feedback to the customer.

4.  Interactivity:

One of the best things about websites is that anyone can find you, regardless of where or when they are. You’re also enabling your business to expand internationally by providing the option of a website.

It’s important to hand out your business cards for them to be noticed, and they can only deliver a snippet of information as compared to a website. Websites help you reach more people.

Furthermore, you can directly post promotions on your website in addition to the affordable marketing. Discount links or notifications about sales and promotions are provided to customers.

5.  Marketing at a Low Cost

In marketing, you can make a lot of mistakes – a spelling error, a mistake in a logo, a mistake in a phone number, but mistakes on your business card really cost you. The information on the website is updated in real time, so no printed materials need to be delivered. The website should also provide the user with additional value through its products, services, and content. Your site will rank highly in the search engines when its content is up-to-date, and your brand will be promoted as a result.

Even though business cards might seem cheap, you will need to reprint them if you rely on them. In contrast, if you build a website, you only have to pay once. Compared to a business card, a website reduces marketing and advertising costs.

6.  Improve Brand Awareness

With a website, your audience can gain a better view of your business as well as understand it better and get in touch with you. The best way to build your brand is to establish a solid online presence. Maintaining and gaining customer trust requires constant interaction. You can also include many different sections on your website that describe your company, explain what is important to you and explain why your products make a difference to someone.

Final Words:

What’s more important, business cards or websites? The above information makes it easy to understand why your website is more important than your business card. A website allows you to publish high quality content, be creative, use customer feedback to improve, stay within budget, and be visible to an international audience. It’s true that business cards are extremely useful for some things, but they shouldn’t be your only marketing method. You can give them out at events or display them in a store to advertise, but for your target audience to become customers, you must also have a strong website for them to visit.

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