How to Sell Online: Top 10 Ecommerce Tips

Interested in selling online? Perhaps you already have a website, and are interested in how to integrate a store. Many small business owners are wondering how to start selling online as a way to work around the Covid-19 closures. 

Check out the top 10 eCommerce tips to give you ideas on what to sell online, and also selling online works.

1. Ecommerce Shopping Carts

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2. How to Accept Payments

To sell online, you need a way to accept payments. Merchants (Square, PayPal…) charge transaction fees, so compare your options to get the best deal.

3. Dropshipping

Drop-shipping is a way of selling goods without stocking anything. It is popular because of the low startup costs and low risk.You take an order, send it to a supplier, and they fulfill the order.

4. Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is useful feature that allows you to automatically notify store visitors who added something into their cart but didn’t complete their purchase. 

5. Product Photography

Just like on a website, graphics can make or break a store’s success. Make sure your product photographs are high resolution and professional.

6. Website Security

Securing transaction data and user data is essential for eCommerce stores. The best security usually costs additional but it is worth it to prevent attacks.

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7. Offer a Courses

Securing transaction data and user data is essential for ecommerce stores. The best security usually costs additionla but it is woth it to prevent attacks.

8. Sell Digital Products

Ebooks, E-courses, and digital prints are all digital items that can be sold by allowing a customer to download them from your store. Not all shopping cart platforms allow for the sale of these items, so check your website settings and terms first.

9. LMS Options

A Learning Management System is software for the management of educational courses. Integrated into your website, you can add a paid course with lessons, tutorials (videos too), quizzes, and assessments.

10. SEO and "Getting Found"

For your store to “get found on Google” you’ll need an SEO strategy. At a minimum, your site needs to be indexed on Google; fast; use keywords; have valuable content people are searching for; link from other sites.

We can help you get started on your online store. 

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