Website Hosting Services.

Whether you want to self-host or have a hands-off approach, we are here to help you select the best foundation for your website.
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a website needs a solid foundation.

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website hosting.

Choosing a good website hosting company is very important as the host is where your website “resides”. Speed, security, and optimization are reliant on a good host. We offer website hosting services and will configure the server for you before we begin building the website. For care plan members, we support maintenance of the host so that your experience is completely hands free leaving you to focus on your business.

webiste domains.

There are many domain service providers e.g. GoDaddy, that you can choose to purchase your domain. We provide recommendations of some of the best ones out there, and also help set the service up.

technical support.

For all our websites, we provide 30 days of FREE monitoring and technical support after the completion of the project. Care Plan customers have technical support include didn’t their plans. Non-Care Plan members can always hire us to fix or upgrade their websites.

We use the best tools.

While we will always recommend the best tool within your budget and vision, WordPress is our platform of choice. It is no coincidence that WordPress powers 30% of all websites on the Internet. Its robust framework, superior scalability, straightforward usability, and high efficiency to deploy make it the best choice for most businesses. 

We also use reputable hosting companies to ensure that your website is supported on a secure and reliable platform with 24/7 support. 

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