Effective Websites: How hard is Your Website Working for You?

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If you have a website, or have looked into getting one, then you have probably heard about a few website optimization key words such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), responsiveness, UX (User experience), with all of them having to do with “being found on Google”.

In fact, the #1 request we see from clients in the initial consultation is not so much about the looks and features of a website, but the, I want to be found on Google.

Yes, we can optimize your website and improve search engine ranking with the many tools available and our expertise; But what else should your website be doing apart from being “Optimized?What makes a website “effective” what makes it “work for you”.

Here is one important thing your website should be doing, and if it isn’t, it’s time to give a website developer (or us) a call:

Gathering Data on an Effective Website

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The back end of your website should be leveraging the web analytical tools such as Google Analytics to collect data about who visits your website. The data can tell you so many important numbers about visitors to your website like, who are they, how did they find your website; how long did they stay; and what did they do on your website. Do they engage, browse, or click in and out in a few seconds?

All that data can be gathered from analytical tools and analyzed and summarized by a professional can give you some very valuable insight to adapt into your marketing strategy.

So, what does all this even mean? Your findings should drive your marketing  strategy to reach, engage and capture new customers in order to grow your business. An that’s what we do here at LumelaWeb.

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We make professional beautiful and effective websites that convert to your growth.

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